Amiibo and Arenas: Worth a Second Look?

Hello and welcome back to the AmiiBlog where I rant about whatever topic I feel like as long as it pertains to plastic shells of Nintendo characters covering nfc chips!

Today I’d like to talk about something that’s been in the game for a couple months now but has been largely disregarded by the amiibo community. Arenas. When arenas were first introduced more people then ever became able to clash their amiibo against others, and it showed that more people were into the collectible fighting figures then first thought.

However a number of things kept these people from ever entering into the more competitive side of amiibo. Namely spirits and the initial difficulty in sending to tournaments in the normal style, meaning copying the bin from your amiibo and giving that to a tournament host.

Arenas theoretically fix the 2nd problem. They are built in and much easier for most people as opposed to needing an nfc capable phone or powersaves. However unlike the bin method only require active participation from one person, the host. Trainers have noted this to be a negative. Specifically today I will be taking on a post made by a fellow trainer/guy with an amiibo site, The Amiibo Doctor check out his article here! It’s well worth a read to see the other side of this debate!

First I’d like to tackle the “disadvantages” to arenas as he puts them. Number 1 “All players must be coordinated to conduct the tournament properly.” This is half true, but can be fixed by changing the way we run arena tournaments, either by making them longer events and allowing the players to report matches, and having days to a week between rounds, this method would be slow, but allow everyone to participate without making everyone needing to be on an issue. Another way would be to do use challonge multi stage tournaments, a round robin or swiss format with groups of 8 will allow every group to participate at once! And then move the remaining players into a double Elimination that’s much easier to handle. Lastly against this point I’d say anyone wanting to “compete” in anything should be able to take it seriously and while they may be unable to join every tournament, actually being there for the tourney generally feels better.

The 2nd point made “All players must be online at the same time for the duration of their entire run in the tournament” is largely answered by what I said before so moving on to the third argument “Because the tournament happens in real-time significantly more time investment is required across all parties” which is again largely answered by my above statements. So far it seems the key to making arenas work isn’t changing the arenas but we as a community rethinking how we should do things. The benefits to making the hobby easier access far outweigh the negatives.

The only other negative I feel should be touched on is probably the most impactful “TOs have no way to check the legality of an amiibo before the tournament begins” this is true. Sadly. There’s no fool proof way to check aside from trust and perhaps having them send a screenshot or picture of their amiibo stat screen though they could always swap the bin with a spirit bin and cheat. To that all that can be done is watching carefully, and to punish cheaters accordingly. While this is a big downside again I do feel the positives outweigh the negative and arenas should be explored as a viable option for tournaments.

Thank to the Amiibo Doctor and to everyone reading! I may have been against his points but I still respect his opinion on the matter, and you should definitely read the article linked above! Until next time!

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